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Toni Cabal - Cinnamon Oud 100 ml

Price €180.00
AMBER-SPICED-MUSK With Oud from Laos, Cinnamon from Sri Lanka, Chocolate, Woody-Amber Notes, Rose from Turkey, Patchouly from Indonesia...

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the exquisite world of vanilla fragrances? Explore our collection and find the perfect perfume that will elevate your style and envelop you in an aura of sophistication and sensuality. At Perfumería Laura, we are confident that you will find your new favorite fragrance among our exquisite creations. Whether you prefer a floral and feminine fragrance or a more intense and seductive composition, we have what you need in our online store.

Vanilla, a sweet temptation

In the world of perfumery, there are certain aromas that transcend time and trends. In this sense, vanilla is undoubtedly one of those classic and timeless ingredients that continues to captivate our senses with its unmistakable charm.

Vanilla, extracted from the pods of the vanilla orchid Vanilla planifolia, is known for its sweet and comforting aroma. In our perfumes, vanilla is presented as the main star of fragrances full of softness and sweetness. But what makes vanilla so special in the perfumery sector? Its soft and velvety profile adds a subtle warmth to compositions, creating fragrances that are sweet without being overwhelming. Perfumes with vanilla from Perfumería Laura are designed to evoke a feeling of luxurious indulgence, perfect for those seeking a touch of elegance in their everyday lives.

Enchanting olfactory notes

Our collection of vanilla fragrances presents a range of olfactory notes that intertwine to create unique perfumes. Vanilla is masterfully combined with floral nuances such as jasmine and rose. This wonderful combination brings a floral delicacy that balances the sweetness of vanilla. Our collection also incorporates touches of cedar and sandalwood that add depth and sophistication to each fragrance.

Gourmand sweetness

Vanilla is the undisputed queen of gourmand notes in perfumery. In our creations, the sweetness of vanilla is presented as a delicate delicacy, capable of evoking the delight of homemade treats, creating an olfactory experience that caresses the palate.

Bourbon Vanilla

Immerse yourself with our vanilla fragrances in the luxurious decadence of Bourbon Vanilla. An exceptional variety that comes from the islands of the Indian Ocean. Its rich and deep nuances bring a unique sensuality to our perfumes, with smoky and velvety notes that transport the senses on an exquisite journey.

Floral touches

Experience the magical fusion of vanilla with intoxicating floral notes. In some of our creations, vanilla intertwines with the softness of flowers to create a gourmand floral harmony that awakens femininity and adds a romantic touch to the fragrance.

Vanilla and spices

Vanilla ventures into an exciting aromatic dance hand in hand with the most captivating spices. These spicy notes incorporate an intriguing and exotic touch that elevates vanilla to new sensory heights, creating a fragrance that is as vibrant as it is sophisticated.

Fruity freshness

In some compositions, vanilla is combined with fresh fruity notes, with the purpose of creating a refreshing and playful symphony. The sweetness of vanilla is balanced with the vivacity of fruits, resulting in a lively and comforting fragrance.

Vanilla and Woodsy

For those seeking a deeper experience, our fragrances fuse vanilla with noble woods that add intriguing and long-lasting depth. The result is nothing short of a blend that evokes the warmth of a cozy embrace.

Vanilla and Leather

In a bold fusion, vanilla meets leather notes to create a seductive and mysterious fragrance. This unique combination evokes timeless elegance and adds an intriguing touch of mystery to the olfactory experience.

Aromatic properties of Vanilla

In addition to its irresistible aroma, vanilla possesses beneficial properties for the skin as well as for the mood. Its antioxidant qualities help soothe the skin as well as reduce oxidative stress, offering us a complete and revitalizing sensory experience with each application.

Vanilla is also an olfactory gem that awakens the imagination and caresses the senses. Discover how this aromatic note, as versatile as it is charming, reveals itself in different nuances, creating an olfactory symphony that will immerse you in an unforgettable sensory journey.

Creamy Sweetness

Furthermore, vanilla brings an unmatched creamy sweetness. In our fragrances, this sweetness is delicately presented, enveloping the air around you with irresistible softness. It's like diving into a whirlpool of peace that leaves behind a comforting trail, delightfully addictive.

Exotic Intensity

However, vanilla goes beyond simple sweetness. In some of our perfumes, it manifests in an exotic intensity, thus revealing darker and more mysterious facets. This variant of vanilla transports to distant landscapes of warm, seductive, and mysterious nights.

Velvety Aroma

Vanilla also brings a velvety quality to our fragrances, softening any composition and giving it a luxurious texture. It's like a touch of velvet that wraps the skin, leaving a soft and enveloping trace on it.

Persistence and Duration

Vanilla, with its persistence, becomes the olfactory signature that lasts over time. In our perfumes, this note delicately adheres to the skin, creating a lasting impression that will immerse you in the essence of vanilla throughout the day.

Immerse yourself in the sensory experience of Perfumería Laura

At Perfumería Laura, we are proud to present our exquisite collection of vanilla fragrances. A carefully crafted selection to delight and seduce lovers of the most demanding aromas. Our vanilla perfumes are designed to adapt to different occasions and personalities. From fresher and fruitier notes to more intense and seductive compositions, here you will find the perfect fragrance for every moment. Welcome to the elegant sensory world of this exquisite aromatic note!

Vanilla fragrances at Perfumería Laura

At Perfumería Laura, we are committed to offering our customers the highest quality in every bottle. For this reason, each perfume in our vanilla collection is rigorously crafted with premium ingredients to provide you with a unique and long-lasting experience. Don't wait any longer to immerse yourself in the luxury of our vanilla fragrances. Discover the complete collection on our website, and choose the essence that best reflects your style and personality.

Il Profvmo

     Vanille Bourbon Eau de Parfum.

     Chocolat Frais Afrutada - Mujer.

     Patchouli Noir Eau de Parfum - Amaderada Unisex.

     Cortigiana Eau de Parfum.

     Chocolat Bámbola Eau de Parfum.

Alexandre J

     Collector Zafeer Oud Vanille Eau de Parfum.

     The Majestic Vanilla Eau de Parfum.

     The Majestic Amber Eau de Parfum.

     The Majestic Jardín Eau de Parfum.

     Western Leather Black Eau de Parfum.

     Collector Altesse Mysore Eau de Parfum.

     Collector Rose Alba Eau de Parfum.


     Ambra Eau de Toilette Vainilla y Ámbar.

     Sándalo Eau de Toilette Hombre/Mujer/Unisex Etro.

     Etro Heliotrope Eau de Toilette Mujer/Unisex.

     Etro Paisley Eau de Parfum Hombre/Unisex.

     Marquetry Eau de Parfum Mujer/Unisex.

     Dianthus Eau de Toilette Mujer/Unisex.


     Lalique Eau de Parfum Floral - Mujer.

     Le Parfum Eau de Parfum Oriental - Mujer.

     Pour Homme Lion Eau de Toilette - Amaderada Hombre.

     Amethyst Eau de Parfum Vapo - Amaderada Mujer.

     Satine Eau de Parfum Vapo - Oriental Mujer.


     Passion Victim Eau de Parfum Floral - Unisex.

     Radianza Eau de Parfum.

Toni Cabal

     Bergamot Oud.

     Chocolate Oud.

     Cinnamon Oud.

     Sugar Rum.

Perris Monte Carlo

     Vanille de Tahiti.

     Cacao Aztéque.

     Ylang Ylang Nosy Be Eau de Parfum.

     Patchouli Nosy Be.

     Arancia di Sicilia.

Daniel Josier

     Ambre Tabac.


     April 3rd.

     Black Widow.

     History in Drops Volume II.

Verdant Delirivm

     Eau de Parfum - Santi Burgas.

Lorenzo Pazzaglia

     Van Py Rhum Extrait de Parfum.

     Van Exstasyx Extrait de Parfum.


     Verde Erba Storie Veneziane.


     Eau de Parfum Cítrica Masculina.

     Capri Forget me Not Perfume Cítrica Unisex.

     Lady Parfum Cítrica - Floral Mujer.

     Gelsomini di Capri Eau de Parfum - Floral Mujer.

     Ligea Eau de Parfum - Atalcada Mujer.

Tiziana Terenzi

     Línea TT Bianco Puro Extrait de Parfum.

     Saiph Extrait Parfum.

     Tabit Extrait Parfum.

     Ursa (Major) Extrait Parfum.

     Vele Extrait Parfum.

     Cas Extrait Parfum.

     Andromeda Extrait Parfum.

     Draco Extrait Parfum.

     Moro Di Venezia Extrait Parfum.

V Canto

     Cor Gentile Extrait de Parfum.

     Kashmere Extrait de Parfum.

     Lucrethia Extrait de Parfum.

     Estramonio Extrait de Parfum.

     Stricnina Extrait de Parfum.

     Isotta Extrait de Parfum.

     Malatesta Extrait de Parfum.

     Sigismondo Extrait de Parfum.

S. Strikes The Notes

     Priscilla Eau de Parfum.

     Anita Eau de Parfum.

     Miranda Eau de Parfum.

     Donatella Eau de Parfum.


     Bouquet Ideale Eau de Parfum.

     Regio EDP.

     Lira EDP.

     Dama Bianca EDP.

     Gran Ballo EDP.

     La Tosca EDP.


The Spirit of Dubai

     Turath EDP.

     Fakhama EDP.

     OUD edp.

     Meydan edp.

     Majalis edp.

     Rimal edp.

Maison Tahité



     Vanilla 2.


     Cacao 2.

     Cacao Libertine.

     Velvet Coffee.

     Coffee Bomb

If you want to fully enjoy our vanilla fragrances, consider your personal style as well as the occasions on which you plan to use them. For a subtle touch, opt for our lighter and fresher fragrances. On the contrary, if you're looking for something bolder, our more intense options are ideal for special evenings.

Explore our collection of vanilla fragrances right now! Click and let vanilla envelop you in an unparalleled aromatic experience! Thank you for being part of our perfumed community.

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