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Eau de Parfum


The ambiguous personality of S. stands out among the generation that descends from his grandfather Aurelio.

S. is an Italian woman, daring, but it doesn't take much to make her the most fragile of women. Seemingly mysterious, but sometimes obvious.

A woman who wants to win, determined but held back from her fears. A dreamer whose strong rationality seems to destroy her wings.

His singular fragrances, sometimes strange, interpret the implications of his enigmatic nature, describing each peculiarity of the character. The name of a typically Italian woman gives personality to each fragrance. A tribute to Italy, where fashion is the supreme queen.

If this were a fairy tale, it would start with "once upon a time." Instead, it begins with "there is," because it tells a true story.

S. has always lived in close contact with the world of fragrances. His grandfather Aurelio Cerizza, a man with a great personality, opened his first essences laboratory in 1945, establishing himself in a few years on the Italian and European scene.

Aurelio's small laboratory soon became a company, thanks to the contribution of his 5 children and his grandchildren. A family tradition, passed down from generation to generation, perfected and enriched through the contribution of younger hands.

Conveying a passion means unconditionally loving what you breathe every day. We transmit stories, physical and character peculiarities, values, legends and abilities, but transmitting a passion means externalizing the most intimate of each human being.


The emotional inspiration of the project is the result of the desire to tell what has been the story of my family, through what has deeply linked all the components: the passion for perfumes.

“I grew up among perfumes. When I was a little girl every Saturday morning my dad would order the fragrance samples created during the week.

I looked at him from the sofa, anxiously waiting for him to call me to his side to choose my favorite ”Roberta Cerizza.


The main sources of inspiration for the aesthetic image of S. STRIKES THE NOTES, they have been fashion, design and Italian elegance in the world.

The development was preceded by a careful selection of shapes, details and accessories, both current and past, that have characterized the Made in Italy.

A succession of images, from the old laboratory where my grandfather composed fragrances, to the most eccentric design, to the most avant-garde fashion accessories, abstract images that contain the essence of the brand.

The objective was to create a line of refined and innovative fragrances, with an original, dynamic and captivating inclination.

An emerging Italian designer took care of the balance between the shape of the cap and the bottle.


S. is an Italian woman, daughter of 70 years of tradition in the world of fragrances. Literally “STRIKES DE NOTES” means “to center with the notes” as “to hit the target”. The notes are understood as the raw materials that make up the fragrance.

The image that inspires this name is S. that thanks to its long experience in the sector, chooses raw materials in a brusque and decisive way, refining and creating extraordinary fragrances.

Like an energetically thrown spear in the eye of the hurricane, or a bowling ball, which is thrown at the apex of the triangle of pines, causing them to collide with each other ...Strikes!


I didn't just look at signs and symbols. Sometimes they are random, other times they enclose a whole world in them.

Think of a painting. By observing it, you can see its meaning, the mood of the artist, joys and certainties. All this with a deep look beyond the shadows and details, seemingly random.

The link between painting and the artist is analogous to that between us and our perfume; the intangible sign that reflects, reveals, anticipates and represents ourselves.

Some choose a known note, homologating to the crowd to avoid their judgment, others unknown, to be admired and differentiate themselves from others, a sign of security and authority.


S. STIKES THE NOTES currently his collection consists of 5 fragrances.

Each element is designed, manufactured and assembled entirely in Italy.


During the day some objects attract you. Some of these linger in your mind for minutes or days, others are not noticed or remembered. Why does this happen? It certainly depends on the taste or need of each one of us, but the most decisive influence of this mechanism is experience.

The project “ S. STRIKES THE NOTES”is influenced by the“ unusual theory ”. This marketing theory explains how the experience of each of us interferes in our life and how it filters what we notice. Imagine that you are in a supermarket.

What would your reaction be if a famous pasta brand had launched a round packaging instead of the classic rectangular box?

probably happen would not buy the new pasta for a variety of reasons, but what is sure surely look, you'll feel atrido for her, and perhaps take to understand that it is. All this happens because the new packaging is unusual, different from what in your experience you are used to seeing.


It is studied that a consumer, before proceeding with the purchase, will try between 6 and 7 fragrances.

Who can say that the consumer made the best purchase he could have made?

The smell of the fragrance is absolutely unknown to the consumer, occasionally it may happen that the potentially preferred fragrance is not even tasted because the packaging or the bottle did not alert him to approach the shelf.

The unusual theory and careful analysis of consumer behavior within the perfumery, is the reason for choosing the stopper with unusual dimensions and a range of very colorful and attractive products.


Size: 100 ml

Fragrance type: Eau de Parfum

Concentration: 20%


An innovative transparent pump was chosen with the aim of obtaining a very minimalist and elegant image of the bottle.


It is the same for the entire range and is produced with a particular Italian resin.

Inside it contains a magnet to attract the bottle.

is disproportionately influenced by the theory of marketing the unusual.

The cap represents the most whimsical and eccentric side of the brand image.


A Made in Italy glass that extends horizontally, the entire range has the same glass with different colors.

An emerging Italian designer took care of the balance between the shape of the cap and the bottle.


It is a rectangular box, also made in Italy.

The material used is a rigid cardboard that is soft to the touch. The side band changes color with each reference.

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