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T.LeClerc offers a tailor-made solution for a flawless complexion. - A range of innovative products: Prevents skin aging. Provides...


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L’EYELINER Size: 1.2ml Flexible pencil, the ideal tool for a very high precision line. It adapts perfectly well and does not migrate to...

The T.LeClerc brand has its roots deeply embedded in the essence of the Parisian "Belle Époque", a period of cultural and artistic splendor in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It was during this time that visionary pharmacist and chemist Théophile LeClerc brought to life an extraordinary formula in his pharmacy located near the iconic Place de la Madeleine. This formula, a jealously guarded secret, was composed of exquisite rice powders, whose delicacy and effectiveness soon captured the attention and charm of the most elegant women of the time.

T.LeClerc rice powders not only provided a flawless and radiant complexion, but also became a symbol of sophistication and distinction, essential in the beauty arsenal of any lady who aspired to the elegance and refined beauty of the was. From the salons of high society to the stages of the most prestigious theaters in Paris, T.LeClerc rice powder has become an essential element, enhancing the skin's natural luminosity and providing a flawless finish that lasts a long time. weather.

Over time, the T.LeClerc brand has evolved and diversified its range of products, always maintaining the essence of Parisian elegance that characterizes it. From humble beginnings to recognition as a legendary makeup brand, T.LeClerc continues to be a benchmark for quality, innovation and glamor in the world of beauty, honoring the legacy of its founder and perpetuating the tradition of excellence that made it transcend over the years.

T.LeClerc Brand Values

The T.LeClerc brand, with a heritage rooted in elegance and quality, stands as a symbol of French cosmetics tradition. Founded on pillars of excellence, its products are carefully formulated with the highest quality of ingredients. Beyond creating mere cosmetics, T.LeClerc is committed to the well-being of the skin, avoiding the use of silicones, parabens and phenoxyethanol in its compositions. This meticulous and respectful approach ensures that each product not only enhances beauty, but also cares for and protects the skin of those who trust the brand for their personal care.

T.LeClerc Brand Territory

The T.LeClerc brand territory extends beyond the conventional boundaries of makeup, encompassing a wide range of products designed to enhance beauty in all its forms. From face to nails, lips to eyes, each item reflects an unwavering commitment to quality and elegance. Inspired by the exquisite sophistication of the Belle Époque, T.LeClerc's color palette immerses itself in the richness of tones that evoke an era of refinement and distinction. More than simply beautifying, each product is infused with the intention of highlighting the natural beauty of each individual, celebrating diversity and uniqueness in all its nuances. With a passionate dedication to excellence and meticulous attention to every detail, T.LeClerc continues to be a beacon of timeless elegance on the vast horizon of the makeup world.

Fragrance Design and Collections

While T.LeClerc is primarily recognized for its exquisite range of makeup, its influence extends beyond the world of makeup into the fascinating realm of fragrance. With a mastery that reflects the same elegance and sophistication that characterizes the brand, T.LeClerc has successfully ventured into creating fragrances that embody the very essence of beauty. Each fragrance design is an expression of refinement, an olfactory symphony that harmonizes perfectly with the brand's line of beauty products, offering options that delight the senses and complement the entire beauty experience.

Fragrance Collection

T.LeClerc's fragrance collection is a living testament to the dedication to excellence and quality that characterizes its renowned makeup line. Each fragrance is meticulously crafted to capture the very essence of femininity and Parisian sophistication, offering options that harmonize impeccably with the dynamic contemporary lifestyle. With each olfactory note, these creations evoke a sense of timeless elegance and refinement, granting those who wear them a unique and memorable sensory experience.

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