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Acqua di Noto stands as a beacon of uniqueness, a manifestation of the splendour and cultural richness rooted in the enchanting land of Sicily. Since its birth, this brand has been an emblem of excellence, a vivid representation of the artistic and landscape heritage of the city of Noto, whose beauty captivates and enchants the whole world.

Woven into the very fabric of Acqua di Noto is a passion for its homeland, a commitment to its historical legacy and a devotion to its deep-rooted roots. As heirs and custodians of a centuries-old history, they are proud to share their love for Sicily through creations that arouse unique emotions and envelop the spirit in an aura of charm and sophistication.

The history of Acqua di Noto unfolds along the cobbled alleys and ornate balconies of Via Nicolaci, a place where past and present converge in a symphony of art and beauty. From the opening of its art gallery in 2016 to the opening of a niche artistic perfumery in 2021, Acqua di Noto has been a beacon of creativity and excellence, redefining the concept of "made in Sicily" with every step.

Acqua di Noto embodies a design vision that fuses tradition with innovation, the past with the future. Each fragrance is an olfactory masterpiece, a sensory narrative destined to transport the wearer into a mood of well-being and timeless elegance. With packaging meticulously designed in collaboration with renowned Sicilian artist Benedetto Poma, each bottle is a work of art in itself, a celebration of the architecture and beauty of Noto.

The distinctive Acqua di Noto symbol, carved into the frieze of Palazzo Nicolaci, is a vivid reminder of the region's rich history and culture. Depicting a tall tripod between a pair of griffins, it symbolises protection, vigilance and courage, elements that are reflected in every creation of the brand.

In close collaboration with ATELIER FRAGRANZE MILANO, Acqua di Noto has brought to life a unique collection of unisex fragrances, each with its own story and emotion. These fragrances are encapsulated in elegant and refined bottles, designed to evoke the majesty of the city's domes and bell towers.

In short, Acqua di Noto is much more than a perfume brand; it is a tribute to the beauty and history of Sicily, a celebration of the region's craftsmanship and creativity. With each fragrance, Acqua di Noto invites its customers to immerse themselves in a unique sensory journey, where past and present merge in an unforgettable experience that endures over time.

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